Kawasaki TREND Manager Prevents Downtime Before it Happens

TREND Manager

Kawasaki continues to raise the bar with innovative software.  The Kawasaki TREND manager system helps prevent system downtime before it even happens.  TREND manager failure prediction software analyzes robot data to predict future downtime and alert the user that maintenance and/or repairs may be needed.  TREND manager also offers remote maintenance support via internet connection and monitoring of the site condition via on-site camera.  If an error is detected, operators will receive an automatic email notifying them of the situation.

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Using Motor Current Command Values

TREND manager uses motor current command values to monitor the motor’s performance for evidence of impending downtime.  These values are automatically recorded and displayed as a graph.  Increasing command values mean the load on the motor and reduction gear unit is increasing.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

TREND manager’s diagnosis is intuitively simple.  Using what is referred to as “12 Diagnosis”, TREND manager sets a reference value for current command.  This value is acquired during the first duty cycle.  Current and reference cycles are then compared every cycle.  In the simplest of terms, changes in current for the duty reflect changes in performance and, perhaps, impending failures.

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