Medical Robots from Kawasaki are a Game-Changer

Medical and Pharmaceutical – Meet your new Rx.

If you are in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, the Kawasaki MC004N clean robot is the not-well-known-enough solution you need to hear about.  This clean robot helps prevent human errors, contamination risks, and exposure to high potency pharmaceutical ingredients such as anti-cancer drugs.  This robot meets the healthcare industry’s processing equipment specs for accuracy, consistency, and cleanliness.

Where to use it???

This robot is ideal for several applications that require a clean robot.  Some of the most popular are:

  • Assembly
  • Dispensing
  • Inspection
  • Material handling

More Features for a Demanding Industry

  • All stainless steel available
    • vapor hydrogen peroxide (VHP) – resistant
  • Flexible range of motion
    • Can move in narrow spaces with 7-axis configuration
  • Sanitary feature
    • Easy-to-clean smooth surface to prevent contamination
  • Clean classification
    • ISO class 5 (Fed – Class 100)
  • Built-in hand cable
    • Built-in cable technology frees it from interference with other equipment

Critical Specs

  • Payload: 4 kg
  • Horizontal reach: 505.8 mm
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.05 mm
  • Mass: 25 kg (excluding options)
  • IP67 wrist IP65 base
  • Controller: Kawasaki F60

Models Available

The MC004 is offered in two different versions, the N and the V.  The N is an epoxy coated robot that is suitable for general dispensing in a clean room environment.  This unit meets all of the above mentioned criteria with the exception of a stainless steel surface.  This is the workhorse for applications that do not require sterilization by VHP gas.  The MC004V meets all of the above criteria, but with an added metal plating to withstand VHP sterilization.

Two Options for VHP Sterilization Capability

While the MC004V is configured for VHP sterilization, Kawasaki offers another robot with the same feature, but with a bend toward increased flexibility.  The MS005N has all of the features mentioned previously, but with a completely stainless steel outer body.  The 5N also has a greater reach at 660 mm, higher payload capacity at 5 kg, and increased flexibility with 7 axis standard configuration.  Please note that the 5N uses the Kawasaki E-series controller.


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