New Robotic Welding Cells

6 Different Options

Padget has just recently released 6 new pre-engineered welding cells. They are specialized for a shortened lead time, fast setup, and robust performance. All of this while still at an affordable cost. We have 6 different options to choose from. The first option is CRZ-FT. The CRZ-FT features a slim, side-by-side dual station or single station configuration for welding and positioning small to medium parts. The next option is the GenS 3XC. This features a three-axis servo-driven indexing turntable system and center mount robot design for reduced weld cycles of high-volume parts. Next is the Versa 2 and 2H. These allow multiple part numbers to run simultaneously and are designed for low to medium part volumes and high changeover application. Next is Versa 3M. This features a pneumatic turntable positioner that offers multiple robot configurations for maximum flexibility. Next is Versa 3M3. This features a three-axis pneumatic turntable positioner that is easily configured to meet application requirements for repositioning large, heavy high-volume production parts. Lastly is the Versa RC3L and RC3L XM. These feature a center-mounted, three-axis pneumatic turntable system that is easily configured to meet application requirements for repositioning medium-sized, heavy-volume production parts in a compact space on a common space. Take a look at our Robotic Welding Cells page on our website where we have brochures that go more in depth on each system. Also fill out our quote request form so we can get in contact with you about what cell you’re interested in and how these cells can help you on your next project!

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