PTI Showcases Collaborative Automation at The Assembly Show
PTI has a great showing at The Assembly Show in Rosemont If you weren't there, let us fill you in: The Assembly Show as a hit for PTI.  With a new Kawasaki duAro unit on display, PTI showcased a unique collaborative solution at the show.  Visiting with industry professionals from all walks of life, we [...]
Kawasaki TREND Manager Prevents Downtime Before it Happens
TREND Manager Kawasaki continues to raise the bar with innovative software.  The Kawasaki TREND manager system helps prevent system downtime before it even happens.  TREND manager failure prediction software analyzes robot data to predict future downtime and alert the user that maintenance and/or repairs may be needed.  TREND manager also offers remote maintenance support via [...]
NEW Kawasaki F-Controller – Smallest and Lightest on the Market
The New F-Controller from Kawasaki is Shrinking the Competition Kawasaki recently released the f-controller, the smallest and lightest controller in its class.  This new controller boasts impressive functionality and performance, in a package that is small and light enough to be held under the arm.  Compatible with R-series robots up to 10 kg payload capacity, [...]
Medical Robots from Kawasaki are a Game-Changer
Medical and Pharmaceutical - Meet your new Rx. If you are in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, the Kawasaki MC004N clean robot is the not-well-known-enough solution you need to hear about.  This clean robot helps prevent human errors, contamination risks, and exposure to high potency pharmaceutical ingredients such as anti-cancer drugs.  This robot meets the [...]
MiR500 AGV – Answering Your AGV Needs With Affordable and Intelligent Technology
If you aren't looking at the MiR line of AGVs, you may be missing out... The MiR line of AGVs has such a broad appeal, it's easy to understand why they are one of the most ambitious mobile robot manufacturers in the world.  The foundation principals of the MiR platform are simple: provide an affordable [...]
PTI to Showcase Kawasaki DuAro at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL
PTI will be exhibiting at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL October 23-25.  A recent addition should have all show-goers excited: PTI will be displaying a fully functioning DuAro assembly cell.   This Thing is DEFINITELY for You... If you don't know about the Kawasaki DuAro, it's time to get familiar.  The DuAro - dual-arm [...]
Kawasaki Blazes Past Competition With New RS007N 6-Axis Robot
Kawasaki is setting a new standard for the small-to-medium payload sector of the robotics industry.  If you are looking for a superior robotic solution, and still need the edge of industry leading value and support, the Kawasaki RSo07N is for you. Longest Reach in the Industry Segment The RSo07 has the longest reach of any [...]
A Story from Area 51

  This is not an alien or UFO article.  As fun as that would be, I’m not sure it would really fit in with the whole business model we have here.  So why tell a story from Area 51, here?  Well, we’re always talking about new technology and how it’s protected, intellectually that is.  As […]

PTI Attends AMC Show in Waterloo

Padget Technologies recently attended the Agriculture Machine Conference in Waterloo, IA.  The AMC show is a gathering of engineers and manufacturers from the agricultural and construction industries that focuses on trends in the industry, developing technology, and potential vendors.  With the ag economy still in a bit of a pinch, the show’s vendor turnout was […]

The Secret Life of a Prototype

A Prototype is a Passion Prototypes are interesting business.  We’ve done so many of them here at PTI that it has become old hat.  Big prototypes, small prototypes, complex prototypes, simple prototypes, the list really goes on.  I tend to think that it is a pretty misunderstood market as many people hear the word “prototype” and […]

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