Created to demonstrate the differences between the Active Seat and standard air suspension seats, the Active Seat platform simulates tractor bouncing with a variable displacement up to 3 inches peak-to-peak and a variable frequency of 0-4 Hertz. The Active Seat uses air suspension and electro hydraulic technology to minimize vertical motion of the tractor seat, while a position sensor and an accelerometer linked to a hydraulic system repositions the seat. This results in a smoother ride for the tractor operator by eliminating 90% of the vertical inputs to the tractor. In creating the Active Seat, we worked with the client to develop a workable concept and complete engineering design, fabrication, and machine assembly within the three-month time constraint. Being portable and adaptable to European and U.S. standards, the Active Seat is ideal for use in trade shows and training programs and has been exhibited in the U.S., Australia, and Europe.

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