PTI to Showcase Kawasaki DuAro at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL

PTI will be exhibiting at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL October 23-25.  A recent addition should have all show-goers excited: PTI will be displaying a fully functioning DuAro assembly cell.


This Thing is DEFINITELY for You…

If you don’t know about the Kawasaki DuAro, it’s time to get familiar.  The DuAro – dual-arm SCARA robot – is an industry leading approach to collaborative SCARA robots.  With its two coaxial arms operated by one controller, it can fit into a one person space.  In addition to providing independent arm operation, the single axis configuration enables the robot to easily perform coordinated arm movements, much like a human.

Easy and Flexible Deployment

The base on which the arms are placed is on wheels and also houses the controller.  This enables the user to move the robot together with its base to any location desired.  As the robot is designed to be installed in a space for one person, it can be deployed without modifications to the assembly or manufacturing line.

Collaborative Operations

Low-power motors, a soft body, speed and work zone monitoring, and a deceleration function enable the DuAro to safely collaborate with working humans.  In the unlikely event of a collision, the collision detection function instantaneously stop the robot’s movement.

Easy Teaching

The lead-through teach function allows the user to easily teach the robot tasks by hand guiding its arms.  In other words, you can grab the robot by the arms and move it to where you need it to go for the operation.  Once it’s there, press a button to teach that position/function, then move to the next step.  Teaching operations can also be conveyed via a tablet which can be connected to multiple robots.


Several vision systems and standard gripper options are available.  Multiple I/O and fieldbus options are also offered.

Watch it in Action!

Who’s Using the DuAro?

DuAro users are a diverse bunch.  Here are some of the industries where DuAro has been deployed:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Auto industry
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Aerospace industry
  • Small parts manufacturing
  • Assembly applications
  • Inspection applications
  • Handling applications

And that’s just right now.  The number of applications where DuAro can be deployed never ceases to impress us.  We think you will be impressed too.

See us at booth 1341!

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