Rise of the Service Robot

The Final Frontier

“If you look at the field of robotics today, you can say robots have been in the deepest oceans, they’ve been to Mars, you know? They’ve been all these places, but they’re just now starting to come into your living room. Your living room is the final frontier for robots.” This quote by Cynthia Breazel touches upon the limitless possibilities that robots have. Going to planets and stars that man has never been on? They’ve been there. Put together cars faster than humans ever could? They’ve done that. Robots are being integrated more and more every day in industries like manufacturing, transportation, military, and at-home services. Affordability and consistency are two main points that companies and consumers focus on when it comes to products and services. These two talking points are what are making robots the future. We are just starting to tap into the full possibilities that robotics can have on our everyday lives.

User-Friendly and Affordable

Artificial intelligence is advancing day-by-day and that is what is taking robots to the new places and greater possibilities. We are able to control robots better, make them faster and more efficient, while also making them useable from a personal standpoint. With these advancements in place, robots are becoming more user-friendly and affordable. This is leading to robots being sold to individuals. In the past it seemed as if only big companies would be the only market for robotics. This is leading a transition into smaller companies and even individuals entering the marketing as prices go down and robots become more adaptable. Household robots for example are one of the hottest products for individuals. They can be set up and programmed within minutes and used for multiple purposes. A few examples are floor cleaners, lawn mowers, and swimming pool cleaners. When looking towards the future, many people often saw flying cars and time travel. Now we may not be there yet, but having robots in your house is definitely one thing that we never really saw coming.

Defying the Odds

From a boost in the economy to having a companion to do your chores, the outlook for robots in our everyday lives is bright. I always think of the quote “you can never be two places at once” when it comes to these robots helping out at home. Have an errand to run but your yard needs mowed? Just send out your robotic lawn mower to take care of that while you’re gone. Have to cook dinner but the carpet needs vacuumed? Just send out your Roomba to take car out that. What was once viewed as impossible or unachievable is quickly becoming an everyday reality. Defying the odds is one thing that personal robots have been doing over the past couple of years. With this being said, what is the next move for these robots? Will we have them cooking lunch and dinner for us? Will they be folding our laundry? Tying our shoes? We may not know what the next robot will be assisting us with, but we do know that there are unlimited possibilities of what it may be.

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