Fixture Design and Fabrication

PTI offers fixture design and fabrication for a variety of applications.  Our team can concept, design, and fabricate fixtures starting in a 3D model or a cocktail napkin.

Design and Fabrication of:

  • Weld Fixtures
  • Machining and Workholding Fixtures
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Lifting Fixtures and Devices
  • Material Handling Fixtures
  • Racks and Carts
  • Trunions and Rollovers
  • Pick-Off Fixtures

Why Padget?

  • On-site machining
  • On-site welding and fabrication
  • Multiple design engineers on staff
  • Professional engineer on staff
  • Years of manufacturing equipment experience
  • Innovative solutions for challenging applications
  • Design and build in one stop

Industries Served

  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Off-road
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Consumer goods
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Recreational products
  • Medical
  • Window and door
  • Material handling
  • And more…