PTI is equipped to provide several types of high and low volume production support.  Our staff is mobile and versatile, and our equipment covers a broad range of needs.

Parts Sorting and Inspection • Reman and Repair • Short and Long Run Assembly

Parts Sorting and Inspection

PTI offers parts sorting and inspection, either for production parts or vendor supplied parts. These services vary greatly in the application.  Some typical applications of this service include, but are not limited to:

  • Dimensional verification
  • Auditing for correct parts
  • Rust or blemish removal
  • Electrical component testing
  • Repackaging
  • Minor part alteration/corrections
  • Etc.

These services are often provided in lots or batches and usually applies to non-conforming material.  This material can either be located and quarantined at your facility, or it might be identified while en route to your facility.  In either case, we can have the parts routed to our facility for operations, or we can send a crew to your facility.  We strive to make sure that we can cover all of our customers’ needs with this service, but simply due to the nature of it, there are times when our staff is fully booked.  We invite you to reach out with your needs and take advantage of this versatile and vital service.

Reman and Repair

For years, PTI has offered reman and repair services for industrial manufacturing. Like a lot of our work, these services can seem a bit nebulous to those who do not use them regularly. These services are generally applied to production runs of equipment where a defect or abnormality is found.  Essentially, we can receive this lot of equipment with your repair instructions, fix the issue in-house, and return a market-ready product to you or any destination of your choosing.  Here is a summary of the services we can provide in this arena:

  • Heavy mechanical repair
  • Light mechanical repair
  • Reman of non-conforming products and components
  • Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and many other issues
  • Interior and exterior trim, fit, and form issues
  • And many more

We have a very skilled staff of technicians that have seen a wide variety of issues.  We invite you to share your reman and repair needs with us.  We just may have seen it before.

Short and Long Run Assembly

We can perform short and long run assembly operations for industrial manufacturing.  These services can accommodate a large cross-section of the industrial manufacturing marketplace.  With vast floor space, a trained crew, and a personal touch, we deliver production quality work with results you would be proud to put your name on.  We treat your product like it was our own.  Reach out to us to discuss your need.