Studying Biology to Enhance Technology

It’s always amazing how we study other successes in order to create a template for more success.  You would think that in general, this would mostly apply to technology and business models and the like.  That’s what makes this article so interesting; it shows how mother nature really got a lot right before we ever […]

Diversify Your Clients – Save Your Business

  Diversify or Die   It seems like people really love to say the word “diversify”.  It’s been said so much that it has kind of become one of those words that doesn’t mean much anymore, kind of like a buzzword.  At first, everyone is using them because they think it will communicate that you […]

Updating our fleet

We have updated our fleet with a new Ford F550 and a 26 foot trailer with 22,000 pounds of hauling and towing capacity.

Polymer Machine helps save water

Learn more about our Polymer Machines by clicking here

PTI to Exhibit at Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show

Padget Technologies will be exhibiting at the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show in Milwaukee, WI this October.  This will be PTI’s first appearance at the event and also marks the beginning of a new foray into the Wisconsin market.  We have a strong desire to reach out to our neighbors to the Northeast and the […]

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