For over 30 years, PTI has been providing the manufacturing industry with custom engineered machinery and equipment.  Taking the next step to being a full service automation solution was an easy decision.  PTI now offers full service robotics integration and automation services.  From project evaluation to robot selection, installation, and programming, PTI does it all.  Add to this our ability to engineer and fabricate custom machinery and equipment to compliment the robotics, and vice versa, and you can trim down your supplier base in a hurry.  This synergistic partnership will allow PTI to step beyond the boundaries of both integrator and fabricator into a new standard for automation providers.

Selection is Half the Battle

Robots aren’t cheap, and if they were you wouldn’t want one.  Making an appropriate robot selection is crucial to your investment and as such, careful consideration and expertise should be lent to the process.  PTI personnel will take the time to carefully evaluate your needs and ask the questions that will help guide us to the best possible solution for your application.  Whether it’s a small pick-and-place robot for machine tending, or a fully synchronized system of interdependent robots manipulating large product, PTI will work through the information to be sure we are arriving at the right solution.

After the Selection

Once a robot has been selected there’s still work to do.  Installation, programming, and fine-tuning are integral parts of the process, and PTI has the experts on-hand.  Our programmers have been trained in the latest programming and set-up procedure and are guided by years of experience in the manufacturing field.  This isn’t just support, it’s a vital part of the package.  Making the robot work for you once it’s on-site can be the difference between the idea of a solution and an actual solution.  It takes partnership, patience, and the ability to listen to our clients in order to fine-tune the system to deliver the results you need.  No job is complete until the vision becomes a reality.

It’s Three Years Later and Our Process has Changed…And so has Our Product

No problem, it happens all the time.  You were innovative enough to need a robotic solution, that tells us you’re probably going to be adapting and innovating in the future as well.  One of the great things about robots is that they have long life-spans and are extremely adaptable.  The flexibility you gain when you fold a robot into your process stays with you as long as you own it.  If you find yourself altering or completely phasing out a particular operation, the robot needn’t go unused.  PTI personnel can re-tool and re-purpose a robot at any time.  It’s not uncommon at all for robots to be moved around from operation to operation, performing new task as the business develops.  In fact, this is likely a sign that your investment is paying off.

What Kinds of Applications do you Support?

This is a great question.  Robots are very versatile and it seems like people just keep finding more and more ways to use them.  With that being said, there are a few areas where we have some particular specialty.

  • Assembly
  • Machine Tending
  • Material Handling
  • Palletizing
  • Cleanroom
  • Material Removal

This is not to say that we only work in these areas, these are just our hallmarks.  We encourage all potential clients to approach us with their challenges, whatever they may be.

We Don’t Just Need a Robot, We Need all the Accessories AND the Custom Machine it’s Going to Work With

Perfect, we’ve got you covered.  PTI has been supplying custom engineered equipment for the past 30 years.  Not only do we design all of our equipment, but we utilize our 40,000 square foot facility and skilled technicians to fabricate it as well.  In this manner, PTI can supply not only robotic solutions but rather fully customized automation packages.  Enough said.

It Turns out Our Application Doesn’t Require a Robot

In that case, we will be happy to engineer, design, and fabricate the solution you do need.  Please reference the previous headline.

industrial automation and robotics
industrial automation and robotics