Services for Production Support, Research & Development and More


At Padget Technologies, our core service revolves around one simple mission: using our expertise to find solutions to our clients’ most difficult challenges.  We proudly offer scalable services that are feasible for both global corporations and aspiring entrepreneurs.  We’ve learned over time that the range of industries we are able to serve is nearly limitless.  Having completed over 3,000 projects over a 30+ year span, our list of clientele continues to grow along with the reach of our abilities.

Specific Capabilities

  • Industrial Automation
    • Vision and laser systems
    • Inspection
    • Conveyance
    • Assembly
    • Work cell
    • Etc.
  • Robotics
    • Pick and place
    • Packaging
    • Palletizing
    • Machine tending
    • Material handling
    • Assembly
    • Inspection
    • Welding
    • Etc.
  • Test Stands
    • Hydraulic
    • Electronic
    • Pneumatic
    • Electro-mechanical
    • Inspection
    • Etc.
  • Custom Machines
    • Assembly fixtures and machines
    • Sorting/inspection machines
    • Material handling devices and machines
    • Special process equipment
    • Please inquire for more
R&D Services
  • Prototype vehicle builds, or “mule” builds
  • Prototype vehicle system design and builds such as
    • Electrification of components
    • Frame and body modifications
    • Experimental attachments
    • Power system modifications
    • Etc.
  • In-house vehicle system testing
    • Power systems
    • Electronic systems
    • Cooling packages
    • Attachments
    • Lights-out testing
    • Data collection
    • Test management
    • etc.
  • Production Support
    • Production reman and repair
    • Parts inspection and sorting
    • Field testing & support
    • Short and long-run assembly operations




Unique Tools

In-House High-Power Test Cell

Made specifically to isolate and contain tests that may be loud, dangerous, or environmentally sensitive, this cell is lined with steel, insulated, and enclosed from the outside.  The cell is 16’x30′ and has large doors to allow for the installation and removal of larger pieces of equipment.  A large power supply is routed to the area to accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes.  The cell is also equipped with Dewesoft data acquisition equipment.  This cell can be used for lights out testing, short-run testing, life-cycle testing, etc.  This cell is open for business for your testing needs, so reach out and ask about how you can make use of this valuable tool.

Kawasaki Robotic Cells
advanced robotics for manufacturing

These two fully fenced areas are perfect for robotics validation and run-offs.  We currently house two full-size Kawasaki robots:

  • CX110L
  • ZX230S

Both are versatile and high-payload robots that are capable of demonstrating a wide variety of uses.  These robots are here for demonstration purposes and validation, so we encourage customers to come to use with questions and applications.  There is no better way to know if robotics are the right choice for you than to actually give your application a run.

Cognex IS700 Vision Lab
cognex integrator

Utilizing Cognex’s most advanced camera to date, we are able to provide vision inspection validation on-demand.  With this vision system can not only use the most cutting edge technology available for vision inspections, but we can also emulate all less advanced versions of Cognex equipment to hone in on the most appropriate piece of technology for the application, thereby maximizing the customer’s value.  We encourage customers to reach out to us with their questions and applications.